Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Holy Merger Batman...big news

Here is some big news (at least in my little world) that just hit the wire this morning (see press release below). Atlas Accelerator came to me in early April with the idea of merging our two companies, and last week we pulled the trigger on it. I’m very excited about it and think it will be a lot of fun working with these guys and running this company. The Athena name will slowly fade away but I’ll continue the business within Atlas Recruiting, and we’re also going to be offering something very cool by doing non-executive recruiting for mostly stock for companies that qualify for the investment.


Atlas Accelerator Expands through Merger with Athena Chiefs, Solves Staffing and Recruiting problem for Early Stage Companies via Atlas Recruiting.

May 6, 2008 - Atlas Accelerator, the largest venture-consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest has merged with Athena Chiefs, a four-year-old firm that provides interim executive management to early-stage and fast-growth companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. The two companies have also announced formation of a new company, Atlas Recruiting, and named Athena Chiefs founder Tom Ryan to be the new company’s CEO.

“Atlas Recruiting will solve the problem of finding great people for startups. Every growing company wants to find great people, not every company can afford the cash to pay a recruiter. We wanted to solve the problem by taking payment in part for stock for qualifying companies”, said Brant Williams, Managing Partner of Atlas Accelerator. “Tom Ryan has built a company of high value and integrity that taps into a network of nearly 100 C-level executives, and we will be adding to that a new non-executive recruiting offering that provides qualifying companies the ability to take advantage of the service using mostly stock instead of cash.”

Atlas Accelerator has helped start-up companies hit key milestones for over ten years by investing time and resources in critical roles within startup companies. Atlas Accelerator invested about $2 million in 2007, and will invest over $4 million in 2008. The new non-executive recruiting offering continues that unique approach of letting early stage companies pay for the majority of the search fee with resources they have – stock – and save the cash that is normally in tighter supply. Companies will need to qualify for the offer by pitching their company like they would to any angel investor.

“Atlas Accelerator is essentially where Angel Investing meets consulting, and Atlas Recruiting will be where Angel Investing meets recruiting”, said Tom Ryan, the new company’s CEO. “I’m thrilled to be running a sister company that is associated with such a high integrity and highly regarded team and to be joining the Atlas family.”

“Tom is a great connector for startup executives. From his ‘Birds of a Feather’ CEO group to his experience with Angel investing and philanthropy efforts, Tom is an asset to the startup communityand someone with whom we’reproud to be working”, said Mike Crill, Managing Director at Atlas Accelerator.

Both Atlas Recruiting and Atlas Accelerator will cater to companies in the greater Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Boise, Portland and Vancouver, BC. For additional information on Atlas Accelerator and the merger, contact Brant Williams (brant@atlasaccelerator.com) or visit www.atlasaccelerator.com or www.athenachiefs.com.

ABOUT ATLAS ACCELERATOR - Atlas Accelerator is the largest venture-consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest focused on the needs of growing technology companies. Atlas fills critical roles in early stage companies so they can make stuff, sell stuff and operate themselves. Atlas Accelerator has helped over 100 startups get off the ground. Over 85% of their investments successfully moved to the next level.

We date before we get married in real life – why not in business life? Athena Chiefs provides interim CXO services to early stage and fast-growth companies that provide strategic expertise while mitigating risk in the hiring process.

Tom Ryan
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